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Witness - A Nashville Tribute to The Book of Mormon (Music CD)

The Nashville Tribute Band, a group of seasoned professional musicians based out of Nashville, has a long history of paying tribute to important gospel topics and figures including Joseph Smith, the missionaries, the pioneers, the Redeemer, the Bible, the season of Christmas and the hymns. After many years of requests from fans and a startling burst of divine inspiration, Jason Deere, the bandleader and a prolific songwriter, laid pen to paper and composed 14 tracks in tribute to the Book of Mormon. As he describes the process, he received song after song in short succession, written from the perspective of beloved characters in the Book of Mormon. The band would like this album to stand as their unwavering witness of the truth of the book. In the words of Jason and the band, “We love this book. Read it. We are better every day that we read it. Truth is in it. Jesus is in it. It is another witness of Jesus Christ. It is the word of God."

Track Listings

1 Read It
2 Can't Make You Believe
3 Old Man's Dream
4 Where Are They Now?
5 Wicked Man
6 At These Waters
7 Good
8 I Am a King
9 Land of Promise
10 Fighting Sons
11 What About Jesus?
12 Bring Him Your Stones
13 Listen to Your Heart
14 I Am a Book

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