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Prepare Ye A Highway

Who are we?
Why are we here?
What happens next-and when?

For at least five thousand years, humanity has been looking to the stars, the sea, the forests, and the mountains for answers to these three fundamental questions.

In modern day, with all the threatening forces of war, pandemic, and political upheaval, people are still turning to these age-old questions seeking comfort and purpose. But between internet misinformation and hostile powers, there are plenty of influences to sway the naïve and unassuming into thinking all is lost.

Since the beginning of recorded time, however, mankind has faced challenges that have forced us to socially evolve, adapt to changing circumstances, and recover to greater success. Writer, educator, and US Navy veteran Drew Williams captures several thousand years' worth of signs of the times and presents them as learning opportunities that can help us now as we prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.

Because the question we're asking shouldn't be "When will He return?" but "will we be ready?"

Author: Drew Blanford-Williams

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