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Money Management for the Faithful

Bridging the gap between our faith and our finances can often be a challenging endeavor. Without understanding the gospel principles that lead us to prosperity and success, we can find ourselves on the wrong path, seeking easy money, making bad investments, and falling into debt.

In Money Management for the Faithful, author Scott Carter shows us how to use our understanding of the Lord's teachings to enhance our financial well-being and alleviate our financial woes. Open the door to financial success, align your wealth with your beliefs, and embrace a future of abundance guided by divine principles.

This book will help readers: Understand Heavenly Father's plan for them when charting their financial goals Plan to participate in the Law of Tithing, and see the blessings that come from doing so Teach children how to manage their own finances Embody the aspects of provident living to ensure their prosperity Utilize their finances to enhance their eternal marriage Discipline themselves to manage their time, and ensure they do not fall behind on debt payments. The Lord wishes to see all of his children prosper, and Scott Carter teaches us how to recognize his presence in our lives as we plan for our financial futures. We need not look at our finances with fear, but with faith.

By Scott Carter
Pages - 241

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