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Learning Leadership from the Scriptures

Author: Shawn Moon

Our complex world demands leadership. And that leadership must come from each of us. So where can we turn to develop critical leadership skills? There is one source that stands above all others to help us develop the critical skills we need to lead in these turbulent times: the scriptures.

On nearly every page of the scriptures, we learn of prophets, apostles, military leaders, kings, queens, humble missionaries, courageous women, fathers, mothers, children, and regular everyday people who provide sterling examples of leaders standing firm when needed, showing willingness to be vulnerable, and working to achieve hard but important objectives in the face of extreme opposition. And of course, we have the perfect model of leadership in the form of the Savior, Jesus Christ, whose example of leadership calls for a lifetime of study and careful and deliberate application.

Drawing extensively from the scriptures as well as from his own three decades of leadership experience, author Shawn D. Moon describes practices you can implement to build your own leadership effectiveness in all aspects of your life: in your personal life, with your family, and in your callings.

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