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Dual Devotions

Charlotte is willing to risk everything to be with Alex; her brother will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

In the heart of Northumberland, the adults of the prominent Roylance and Jenkins families cherish the hope that their children will someday marry. But when the Jenkins family is exposed and Alexander’s parents are cast into debtors’ prison, the Roylances unceremoniously cut him out of their lives, forbidding their children from any association with him and abandoning the boy to a lonely life of destitution. Despite his dire circumstances, Alex is determined: he will make it on his own.

It’s been nine years since Charlotte Roylance has seen Alex Jenkins, but she hasn’t forgotten him. When he returns to town a self-made man seeking to renew his relationship with her family and unite with them in a shared business venture, she sees it as an opportunity to put to rest old grudges. Her older brother does not share her sentiments and forbids her from seeing their old friend again. But fate?and Charlotte’s heart?has other plans. As the two serendipitously meet time and again, the secret rekindling of their friendship soon evolves into deep connections?and feelings that are decidedly romantic. But Charlotte’s brother will do anything to keep them apart.

Pages - 258
6 x 9

Sarah L. McConkie started her writing career in the second grade with a thirteen-page magnum opus about dinosaurs. Although the plotline and penmanship lacked polish, Sarah learned she loved retiring to bed thinking of stories. On a good night, she still does the same thing. Sarah took up the pen several years later after tucking her own little dreamer into bed and now combines modern life experiences, a robust knowledge of Regency classics, and a passion for all things old-fashioned and proper to craft her historical romances. She costars with her own Mr. Right in the real-life romantic comedy she calls life as they raise their four darling children. Sarah believes creating thought-provoking and moral stories promotes literacy in a world that needs more readers.


“If your next weekend read is Dual Devotions by Sarah L. McConkie, you’re in for an unexpected treat. This journey of surprising twists filled with budding romance, complicated relationships, and endearing forgiveness will keep readers turning pages well into the night.” --Heather B. Moore, USA Today bestselling author of Hannah

"Dual Devotions is a memorable, romantic tale of two people who are forbidden to be together. The compelling character growth, relatable faith arc, and rich historical detail are seamlessly written and enhance the depth of the story. From the first page, Alex and Charlotte stole my affection and sympathy, and their hard-won happy ending is deeply satisfying." --Anneka R. Walker, bestselling author of An Unwitting Alliance

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