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Loss For Littles

For most young children, the concepts of death, funerals, and burials are often unfamiliar until they are confronted with the loss of a loved one. In order to mentor our littles through their healing journeys, it is important that children have meaningful conversations with a trusted adult who can guide them through their grief. In this beautifully illustrated book, Latter-day Saint author Emily Ann Adams provides tools to help educate and familiarize children with the various ceremonies and beliefs surrounding death and grief. Told from the perspective of the author's young daughter, this potentially difficult topic is presented in an approachable, conversational tone with warm, inviting, and diverse artwork. This book allows families a moment of stillness in order to sit down and have essential, faith-based discussions about their specific loss. Although Adams acknowledges the painful reality of loss in mortality, the overall message is one of comfort and hope as families are invited to find peace and healing through the power of Jesus Christ and the joyful truth that we will be reunited with our loved ones again.

Pages - 75

Emily Ann Adams holds a degree in English Education and is the creator of Moms of Missing Multiples, a bereavement support group for mothers who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have lost one or more of their multiples. An advocate for exploring the world and embracing diversity, Emily has worked in Mexico teaching English, volunteered with a nonprofit in India to help those afflicted with leprosy and also lived and studied in Paris, France. She and her husband currently live in Southern Utah and are the parents of four living children and one angel son. She is the author of "Is there No Other Way? Exploring Growth Through Grief."

Ester Ballam Biggs was born and raised in northern Utah where she currently lives with her family of six, their pet cockatiel, hermit crabs, homing pigeons and eight chickens. Ester holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and currently works as a Registered Nurse helping women in an OBGYN clinic. As much as she loves serving others in the medical field, her greatest joy is being a mother. A champion for the importance of motherhood, Ester currently serves on the board of the Cache Valley Chapter of the Utah Mother's Association. Illustration and calligraphy have always brought Ester joy and respite, and in 2019 she started an online faceless watercolor portrait and calligraphy business called Small and Simple by Ester. "Loss for Little: A Guide for Christian Families Dealing with Death" is her debut into illustrating children's books.

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