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The Porter Rockwell Chronicles, Vol. 1

This best-selling, historically accurate novel series renders Porter's life in story form, bringing it alive for adults and teens alike. (While Volume 1 sets the stage for the series, Volumes 2-4 engage readers more completely as Porter's life becomes increasingly dangerous and interesting.)

Volume 1 begins with his childhood years in New York, where he becomes best friends with the future Mormon prophet Joseph Smith. The story continues through Porter's settlement with the Mormons in Missouri, where he fights against mobs and falls in love with a vivacious young woman.

Readers witness his humorous courtship, as he is determined to marry her. He meanwhile proves himself in friendship and loyalty to his neighbors, and even as a teen becomes their protector. In a surprise move, the young woman he loves agrees to marry him.

Based on solid research from the best-selling biography by the author, Dewey proves himself a capable novelist as well as best-selling biographer.

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