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Frequently Asked Questions


The product I want only shows 1 and I need to order more than 1?
Our website is tied to our point of sale program and the inventory amount shown on the webpage is our actual inventory in the store. If you need to order more please email us and ask. We can let you know how long it would take to get in and can open up the ordering for you to place an order for more.

When will my order ship?
Depending when you place your order during the day, most orders will ship out same day or next day.
Weekend orders will usually go out on Mondays. A few times a year there may be a delay in shipping when the shipping manager is on vacation. We will have an alert on our homepage noting of a shipping delay.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
Please send us an email at to ask about any discounts on bulk orders. We usually can offer a deal for you on most items and can set up a promo code for you.
We try to reply to emails as quickly as possible and if you have not heard back for us it may be that we did not get the email or we did reply and it got blocked. If we know it got blocked we will reply from a different email address.

I cannot find the product that I want?
Searching by a keyword in the title of the product is best way to find a specific item.
Our website is tied to our inventory and if we are sold out of an item it will make the item disappear for the website unless you have the exact webpage and then it will show sold out.
If you cannot find an item please send us an email and ask about it. We may be getting it soon or it may be out of print.
Not all of our products we have in the store are activated on the website.

Inventory stock?

The quantity on the product page is the actual inventory we have in stock, it is correct 98% of the time. There may be occasions where an items is out of stock or it is being held for a customer. We will notify you if anything delays your order. There are a few items such as CTR Rings, Temple Recommend Holders that we do not stock and they are listed on the website to order. These items will be drop shipped to you from the vendor to save time in shipping time most of these items mention this on the product page.


Using Paypal for checkout

Checkout – Our credit card processor is paypal. You do not have to have a paypal account to checkout. When it goes to the paypal login screen, at the bottom there is a link to checkout without a login and to Pay with Debit or Credit Card. You will be able to enter any credit/debit card to checkout. Paypal checkout is very secure.

Shipping Questions

How do you ship?
Most orders will ship through USPS.

We have the 2 shipping price options - Economy and Priority. With economy shipping we will ship it at the lowest cost to us depending on what you ordered. Priority shipping most of the time will ship through USPS Priority shipping but depending on what it is and weight it may ship by UPS.

When will my order ship?
Most orders will ship same day or next day. Weekends orders will ship out on Mondays.

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