The User-Friendly Old Testament


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Cedar Fort

November 2017
Think ancient scriptures are all ancient history? Not anymore! This unique book shows how the Old Testament still applies to modern times. Whether you're reading about Moses's management styles, Ruth as an immigrant, or how Saul might have reacted to social media, this scripture study guide brings the Old Testament to life and proves there's still a lot to learn from those ancient prophets.

Pages 288

Marilyn Green Faulkner

Marilyn Green Faulkner likes to read and talk about books. She earned a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in Literature, and sneaks away to Cambridge and/or Oxford University every summer for further study. For seven years she wrote a monthly column on the classics for Meridian Magazine, and her first book, Back to the Best Books: How the Classics Can Change Your Life, was a finalist for non-fiction Indie book of the year in 2010. As Senior Content Creator for FMG Suite (a Digital Marketing Company) she writes articles and videos on financial marketing.

Marilyn teaches a weekly scripture class for the Del Mar, California Stake. Each week about 150 students join her in finding new ways to study and apply the scriptures to our lives. The User-friendly Book of Mormon is the first in a series of scripture study guides based on the class. Available through Cedar Fort Publishers.

Marilyn served an LDS mission in Japan, has been a presenter at the BYU Women’s Conference, and speaks regularly at Youth and Relief Society conferences.With her husband Craig she has five children, a growing group of grandchildren, and Frankie, the world’s best dog. Find her at

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