The Unfolding of God's Work in the Last Days


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Gregory Ranger

As the Lord hastens His work, the Second Coming draws closer with every day. This comprehensive book provides insights into the events preceding His coming and the order in which they must happen. Understanding these events-from natural disasters to the gathering of Israel to Adam-ondi-ahman-will invite the Spirit's assurance and help you confidently prepare to receive the King.

176 pages

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Setting Parameters
Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Seventh Seal
Chapter 3: The Half Hour of Silence
Chapter 4: The Lost Tribes & the 144,000
Chapter 5: Adam-ondi-ahman
Chapter 6: The New Jerusalem
Chapter 7: The Abomination of Desolation
Chapter 8: Plagues and Warnings
Appendix 1: Sixth & Seventh Seal Events
Appendix 2: Disasters in the World
Appendix 3: Judgements On the Land
Appendix 4: Wars & Perplexities of Nations

GREGORY A. RANGER is a graduate of the University of Alberta, where he studied French, Political Science, Fisheries Science, and Law. He currently works as a nutritional consultant, promoting mental health. He is also invovled in local politics, enjoys children's fiction, and has written his first children's book entitled Wickerberry Knoll. Greg and his wife, Dawn, reside in Raymond, Alberta and are the parents of six children.

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