The Little Match Girl


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Deseret Book

October 2017

It is Christmas Eve, but for one little girl, there will be no stockings hung lovingly above the fireplace or shiny presents wrapped under the tree. The best that the little match girl can hope for is a warm, dry corner of the street to protect her against the freezing snow that has been falling for hours.

Helpless and cold, the child seeks a bit of comfort from the only source she has—the bundle of matches in her apron pocket. She had struggled all day to sell even one, but the crowds of people had only hurried past her with hardly a glance as they finished up their holiday shopping and rushed home to begin their feasts. Alas, at least she has the matches now, each one holding the promise of a few short seconds of warmth and light.

But as she strikes each match, she discovers a truth that sets her heart soaring—all along, even in times when she has felt most alone, she has been lovingly watched over by those who have gone before her and have anxiously awaited a joyous reunion. She learns she is not forgotten, and in the learning shares a poignant message of love and service. The tender tale of the little match girls reminds each of us to take notice of the least of those among us and to do our part to extend a kindly hand—at Christmastime and always.


David Warner

David Warner is a published author of stories and verse and the writer of numerous film, television, and live presentations. His commemorative and holiday programs have been seen on PBS stations since 1993. A frequent collaborator with composer Mack Wilberg, Warner has had original music texts published by Oxford University Press, including "O Light of Life," "Let Peace Then Still the Strife," and The Prodigal. Previous books with Shadow Mountain Publishing include Good King Wenceslas and Christmas from Heaven. Warner's work can be heard on the Telarc, Deutsche Grammophon, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir labels.


Greg Newbold

Greg Newbold has been drawing and painting since age three. That passion grew into an award-winning career of making pictures. He has illustrated a dozen books for children, including If Picasso Painted a Snowman and The Touch of the Master's Hand. He holds a BFA degree from Brigham Young University, where he also teaches, and a master of fine arts degree from the University of Hartford. Greg enjoys gardening, fishing, visiting museums, road trips with family, and painting the natural wonders near his Utah home. See more of Greg's work at or on his blog,

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