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The Doors of Faith

What is it that the restored Church of Jesus Christ offers to the world that no other church can—and how might recognizing those contributions help us stay strong in our faith? The poet Thomas Traherne said: “No man . . . that clearly seeth the beauty of God’s face, . . . can, when he sees it clearly, willingly and wittingly forsake it.” In The Doors of Faith, Terryl Givens teaches that the surest route to a meaningful and enduring faith is a “witting” understanding of Jesus Christ and His gospel. Givens bears a strong personal witness of many unique aspects of the restored gospel, demonstrating that the Restoration provides us with the most morally compelling, intellectually satisfying, and aesthetically appealing account of the universe and each person’s place within it. He shows that such knowledge is a powerful catalyst to a more profound appreciation of Jesus Christ’s love, grace, and Atonement.

Pages - 136
5" x 8"

Terryl Givens
Terryl Givens holds the Jabez A. Bostwick chair of English and is Professor of Literature and Religion at the University of Richmond. His several published works include his two-volume history of Mormon thought, Wrestling the Angel and Feeding the Flock, as well as When Souls Had Wings and By The Hand of Mormon, all published by Oxford University Press.

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