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Deseret Book

July 2020

Although anyone can feel the power of the Holy Ghost and be guided by it, it's not until baptism that we are promised the gift of the Holy Ghost: the Holy Ghost will stay with us at all times if we are worthy to receive Him. This is a promise so incredible that at times it can be hard to wrap our minds around, much less apply. What, exactly, does it mean to have the gift of the Holy Ghost daily, and how can it help us?

Following up David Butler's bestselling Almighty and Redeemer, this engaging book for teens walks readers through the various roles the Spirit takes in our lives. From the comforter to witness to guide to companion, Spirit helps readers learn what the Holy Ghost can do for them, how to recognize His promptings, and how to use His promises and privileges in their lives on a day-to-day basis.

6" x 8.25"
Pages - 154

David Butler

David Butler's greatest love is people. He had adopted as a life motto: "Stuff no mattah, people mattah." His favorite people are his wife, Jenny, and their six darling children. Some of his other loves include good food, spontaneous adventures, Christmas morning, and the sea. David cohosts the popular YouTube scripture study channel Don't Miss This with Emily Belle Freeman and is the author of many religious books, including Ites: An Illustrated Guide to the People in the Book of Mormon; The Peter Potential; and Almighty: How the Most Powerful Being in the Universe Is Also Your Loving Father.

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