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Lord, How Is It Done?


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Covenant Communications

August 2020
How can we make grace a greater enabling power in our lives and more fully participate in the Savior's atoning gift? In Lord, How Is It Done?, author Ken Gibson introduces five principles to help readers confront the trials of mortality most of us feel ill-equipped to resolve because we simply don't know the answer to this overarching question of how. The author draws upon Enos's experience of asking, "Lord, how is it done?" and illustrates what it means to experience the Savior's Atonement and lay claim to the promises of peace He has given. Readers are invited not just to come unto Christ but also to learn line upon line how it is done. The principles taught in this book are designed to illuminate the pathway to enduring peace and spiritual prosperity for all whose souls hunger.

Pages - 200

By Ken Gibson

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