Left Standing


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Cedar Fort

November 2017
After surviving three separate terrorist attacks, Mason Wells was left with third-degree burns, emotional scars, and a shaken belief in God. How could a merciful Father let evil prevail? Why had Mason been saved? What did God want from him? This miraculous true story will change how you see your own struggles and teach you the true power of forgiveness, perseverance, and faith.

Billy Hallowell

Through journalism, media, public speaking appearances, and the blogosphere, Billy Hallowell has worked as a journalist and commentator for nearly twenty years. He has been published and featured in countless political and cultural books, textbooks, articles, and websites. Hallowell was the faith and culture editor of TheBlaze, and he has contributed to the Washington Post, Human Events, Daily Caller, Mediaite, Deseret News, and Huffington Post,among other news sites. He is also the author of The Armageddon Code and Fault Line.


Tyler Beddoes

Tyler Beddoes was born in Provo, Utah. He studied criminal justice and journalism at Utah Valley University. He joined the police department in Spanish Fork, Utah, in 2006. While a member of the police department, he has been awarded an exemplary service award. He was also recognized by the mayor of Spanish Fork, the State of Utah, and the United States Congress for his involvement in the miraculous rescue of Lily Groesbeck from the Spanish Fork River on the morning of March 7, 2015. He is the coauthor of the book Proof of Angels. He currently resides in Utah with his wife, Brittany, and their three children


Mason Wells

Mason Wells was born in Santa Maria, California. He graduated with honors from Lone Peak High School in Utah. Mason earned an Eagle Scout award and traveled to Paris, France, where he served as a missionary. In the course of his service, he was severely injured in but survived the Brussels airport bombing in March 2016. Since returning home he has completed one year of college at the University of Utah and is now a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy, where he is studying engineering.

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