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Joseph's First Vision (Boardbook)


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Covenant Communications

March 2020
One spring morning 200 years ago, young Joseph Smith, Jr. discovered for himself the truthfulness of the scriptural promise that if we lack wisdom, we can ask Heavenly Father and receive an answer. To commemorate this special anniversary, celebrated artist Val Chadwick Bagley and author Tamara Beckstrand present The First Vision, an illustrated account of the Prophet Joseph's early years and his experience in the Sacred Grove. Children of all ages will enjoy this incredible true story of a boy who learned firsthand that the Lord always keeps His promises.

6 x 7
Pages 30

Val Chadwick Bagley
Val Chadwick Bagley (not to be confused with Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune) has been self-employed as “The Cartoonist Guy" since 1990. He has produced nearly 100 products, ranging from picture books to activity books to games and more, and has sold more than one million copies. He is also a regular contributor to the New Era and Friend magazines. He is married, with five children and seven grandchildren.

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