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First Light (Music CD)


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Deseret Book

March 2020

This album features Brett Raymond's original compositions recalling events of the Restoration. It retells the story of the First Vision and other landmark events in Joseph Smith's life from the perspective of important characters who were involved. We hear the tender testimony of a fourteen-year-old Joseph as well as the powerful testimony that he bears later in life as a prophet with deep spiritual experiences. We also hear the perspective of Oliver Cowdery and others who bear witness of the unfolding of the Restoration. This album features brand new vocals from popular singers Lexi Walker, Kenneth Cope, Peter Breinholt, Casey Elliott (from GENTRI), Yahosh Bonner, and Daniel Beck.

    Track List
  • Main Theme/Prologue
  • How Is a Boy to Know?
  • Serious Reflection (Instrumental)
  • A New Day
  • Who Is This Joseph?
  • Main Theme/"Insults" Reprise
  • Insults
  • I Can't Deny It
  • Emma's Theme (Instrumental)
  • Get the Gold/Chase
  • Home at Last, Safe at Last
  • The Work Continues (Instrumental)
  • Lost
  • Main Theme/"Still" Reprise
  • Still My Servant, Still My Friend
  • Days Never to Be Forgotten
  • Sing with Joy
  • Listen, Listen (Filling the Hungry)
  • All That Was Giv'n
  • Main Theme/Epilogue

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