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Beautiful Dawn (Music CD)


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With their vivid harmonies and rhythmic tempos, Mercy River's new release will delight fans! Featuring

favorite hymns, popular inspirational songs, as well as original tunes, Beautiful Dawn will inspire

gratitude and joy in every listener.


Mercy River

Over the past eight years, Mercy River has traveled all over the United States and Canada as a highly sought-after ensemble, performing for thousands of people while testifying of the Savior. Each member of the group brings several years of experience in performing, writing, and directing hundreds of firesides and concerts—as well as recording on dozens of inspirational albums. Their self-titled debut album was released in May 2008; Beautiful Dawn was released in March of 2010. Their third album, Higher, was released in February 2012. Their fourth album, Come Alive, was released in November 2013 to rave reviews, and their most recent album, All Is Bright, A Mercy River Christmas is available as of October 2015.

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