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A Book of Mormon Easter


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Cedar Fort # 19684
Celebrate Easter in an entirely new way! This collection of scripture stories, songs, and artwork tells the Easter story as it was experienced by the Nephites in ancient America-from their three days of darkness to Christ's miraculous visit to his other sheep. Featuring an accompanying musical CD, this book is sure to bring the hope of the Resurrection into your home this Easter season.

Michelle Kendall is the founder and creator of Minutes with Me. She studied elementary education and recreational therapy at Brigham Young University. Over the last 25 years, Michelle has been involved with teaching children in public and private schools, as well as in community and church environments. She has taught computer skills, math, music, art, physical education and special education. She has also used her creative skills and leadership abilities in positions with local and state PTA.

Michelle has also written Book of Mormon Christmas, which has sold over 6,000 copies. In addition, she has created the Book of Mormon Sunday Treasure Box, which is in the publishing phase right now. Michelle is the proud mother of four children and has been married to her supportive husband for 26 years. She lives with her family in Highland, Utah.

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