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A Return to Virtue (Hardback)

When Elaine Dalton's oldest son left for his mission, she wanted to do something that would help her develop some of the same kind of discipline and self-control that he was learning as a missionary. So she decided to run a marathon.

Now, years later, she has taken her experiences and insights related to running and woven them into an analogy for an attribute and value she feels passionate about: virtue.

"I have embarked on a journey to reinstate the word virtue into our vocabulary and our lives," Sister Dalton writes. "We call for a social reform, but what is really needed is a moral reform — a call for a return to virtue." As we run life's race, it is virtue, meaning purity and power, that will sustain us through the long miles.

A Return to Virtue is an invitation and a guide to running well the marathon that we call mortality. "Give it 100 percent," says Sister Dalton, "and one day we will be hugging each other and celebrating — victorious — at the finish line!"


    • Chapter 1: Orientation
    • Chapter 2: Strict Training
    • Chapter 3: Starting Out
    • Chapter 4: Running the Long Miles
    • Chapter 5: Hitting the Wall
    • Chapter 6: Staying on Course
    • Chapter 7: The Finish Line
    • Chapter 8: Coaching Others
    • Chapter 9: Cheering Them On
    • A Word of Appreciation

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