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One Breath at a Time

Gabrielle Shiozawa was just three weeks away from high school graduation when she lost her dad unexpectedly. As she struggled to heal, she began to experience an overflow of knowledge, spiritual insights, and growth that strengthened her testimony.

This poignant offering from a young, talented writer includes commentary on the character of Christ and personal insights about bodies, salvation, temples, and more. Through a combination of insightful reflections on gospel principles and a poetic narrative on the author's experiences with her father, One Breath at a Time: Lessons on Grief and Growth gives an authentic and inspiring look into how people can heal, grow, and come closer to Christ through grief and loss.

Pages - 197
5.5" x 8"

Gabrielle Shiozawa
Gabrielle Shiozawa is a student studying journalism at Brigham Young University. Growing up in rural Logandale, Nevada, Shiozawa learned to love the outdoors, sunshine, running, and spending quality time with her family. Her accomplishments so far include acting in the Book of Mormon videos, four years of writing for her hometown newspaper, the Moapa Valley Progress, graduatin as high school valedictorian, working for BYU's Daily Universe, and winning the Optimist International Essay Contest.

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