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Choose To See You


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July 2019

With engaging illustrations and fun rhyming prose, Choose to See You! teaches youngsters to ignore outside voices and choose to see who they really are: "A child of God, a child divine. Glorious, eternal, one of a kind."

After all, "It's not what they SAY, it's who you ARE...that gives you value and makes you a star."

With the onslaught of voices judging, comparing, labeling, and trying to define us, Choose to See You! is needed now more than ever.

Teaching and discussion helps are included.

David Bowman

Following his service as a missionary in the Philippines, David Bowman graduated with a degree in illustration from Brigham Young University. He has since served as a release-time seminary instructor as well as a counselor and speaker as numerous EFY conferences. David’s special love is making the scriptures come to life for young people, authoring and illustrating several books for kids and teens. He is also the artist of fine-art depictions of the Savior titled “Expressions of Christ.” David and his wife, Natalie, and their five children live in Arizona.

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