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Miracles in the Darkness


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Cedar Fort

July 2020

Author: Julie Cluff

Julie packed her vehicle with luggage and three of her children to visit her parent's country home in the hills of southwest North Carolina. Without any prior feeling of exhaustion, Julie suddenly awoke as her vehicle was bumping along in the grassy median between the eastbound lanes and the westbound lanes of the highway. After the vehicle finished rolling, she looked in the back to find her children. Only one child remained in the SUV. She immediately cried out, "I killed my kids! I killed my kids! I killed my kids!." Her two youngest children were ejected from the vehicle and did not survive. After years of personal blame and therapy, Julie has learned how to manage her grief and loss. In this book, Miracles in the Darkness, Julie is able to share her story and give guidance to others struggling with devastating losses in their lives. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, divorce, financial loss, etc. people can benefit from the inspirational words Julie has written.

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