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Gospel Questions, Gospel Answers


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by David Ridges

August 2017


Cedar Fort
If you've ever wondered whether Christ's Atonement extends to other worlds, what life will be like during the Millennium, if chastity can be restored by the Atonement, or if polygamy is required for exaltation-this book is for you. Drawing directly from the scriptures and the words of modern prophets, best-selling author and revered gospel scholar David Ridges provides clear, comforting answers to all of your toughest gospel questions in this compelling new book.

Table of Contents
1. If I get exaltation, do I have to live polygamy?
2. When temple-married parents divorce, to whom do the children belong?
3. Is Christ the savior of our world only or others too?
4. How is the next prophet selected?
5. Is adultery or fornication forgivable?
6. Can chastity be restored by the Atonement?
7. Why is sexual immorality so serious?
8. How often can we be forgiven?

176 pages
6inW | 9inH

David J. Ridges taught for the Church Educational System for thirty-five years. He taught adult religion and Know Your Religion classes for BYU Continuing Education and spoke at BYU Campus Education Week for many years. He has served as a curriculum writer for Sunday School, seminary, and institute of religion manuals. His callings in the Church include Gospel Doctrine teacher, bishop, stake president, and patriarch. He and his wife, Janette, have served two full-time Church Educational System missions. They are the parents of six children and are enjoying a growing number of grandchildren. They reside in Springville, Utah.

Author Residence: Springville, UT

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