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Doctrinal Details of the Plan of Salvation


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Understand the Plan of Salvation as never before!

Noted author, teacher, and gospel scholar David J. Ridges brings "the great plan of happiness" (Alma 42:8), to life with his well-known teaching skills in this important contribution to understanding the Plan of Salvation.

A Powerful Study Guide

  • Quickly gain an overview of the big picture of the Plan of Salvation with this simple, straightforward approach to understanding the basics of the plan. 


  • Become a student in the "classroom" of one of today's most popular gospel authors by taking the pretest in chapter one, and by following the question-answer format used throughout the book. 


  • Learn important doctrines, including details about premortal life, intelligence, spirit birth, the Atonement, the Council in Heaven, the War in Heaven, the Creation, the Fall, the veil, mortality, the postmortal spirit world, paradise, spirit prison, the Second Coming, the Millennium, the binding of Satan, resurrection, the "little season," the Battle of Gog and Magog, final judgment, qualifications for outer darkness, qualifications for each degree of glory, exaltation and godhood.

David J. Ridges


David J. Ridges taught for the Church Educational System for thirty-five years and taught for several years at BYU Campus Education Week. He taught adult religion classes and Know Your Religion classes for BYU Continuing Education for many years. He has also served as a curriculum writer for Sunday School, seminary, and institute of religion manuals.

He has served in many callings in the Church, including Gospel Doctrine teacher, bishop, stake president, and patriarch. He and Sister Ridges have served two full-time, eighteen-month senior CES missions. He has written over twenty books on gospel subjects, including verse-by-verse study guides for most of the standard works of the Church.

Brother Ridges and his wife, Janette, are the parents of six children and have twelve grandchildren so far. They make their home in Springville, Utah.

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