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Everyday Savior


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Cedar Fort

January 2019
Everything in your life—every person you encounter, every experience you’re given—is there for a reason. The tricky part is figuring out why! From ill-timed stains and encounters with squirrels to a coin toss and riding bikes with friends, this engaging book describes seemingly insignificant experiences and uses them to illustrate important gospel principles. Learn how to see the Savior in the details of your life.

Pages 192

Winn Raleigh

Winn Raleigh was born in Alaska and raised in San Diego, California. Winn was an accomplished artist selling his work in art galleries in Sedona, Arizona, developing an unusual technique of carving pictures into marble matte board. He also worked in the business arena for fifteen years before his employment with the LDS Church Education System as an Institute of Religion director and full-time religious educator for over twenty years. This is his first published work. He is not unlike you and many others who have unique experiences in life, but he has the ability to tell a simple story and draw powerful lessons from his experiences that can apply to anyone. Winn has a BA in education, a Masters in educational administration, and attended law school. He is married to Tina (McElroy), and they have two married children, all living in Orem, Utah.

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