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You Are LionProof (Talk on CD)


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By Ganel-Lyn Condie


Covenant Communications

February 2019
Ganel-Lyn Condie has inspired and connected with audiences all over the world who frequently say, "I could have listened to her all night." In her latest talk—You Are Lionproof—Ganel-Lyn invites you to consider that you really are PROOF, protected in every way. Just like Daniel, who was caught in the den of hungry lions, you too can pray mightily to shut the mouths of and make peace with the threats in your life, including your addictions and temptations. Ganel-Lyn shares a message of strength and hope for everyone from teens to grandparents. She helps you realize that you really have been prepared to face the watery storms, fiery darts, mistakes, and loneliness of life. With her unique ability to share scripture stories and tackle the uncomfortable topics of mortality, Ganel-Lyn will leave you laughing, crying, and optimistic about living a Christ-centered life. She provides the proof that God is there and will not leave you to fail.

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