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Don't Look Back (You're Not Going That Way!) (Talk on CD)


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By Eric Richards


Covenant Communications

October 2017
Living in the present and looking ahead to the future despite sins or trials or mistakes in the past is often challenging. Having an attitude of faith and hope, even when things haven't gone our way, is key to being happy and successful in life. With analogies from everyday living, popular speaker Eric D. Richards shares a fun and upbeat fireside message and provides a positive approach to principles of repentance, forgiveness, and kindness. In his unique way, Brother Richards uses humor, inspiring stories, scriptures, and doctrine to remind listeners that the Lord has commanded us to look ahead and not behind. "When we look back at the past and relive hurts or focus on mistakes, we can damage relationships and undermine our faith," Brother Richards teaches. "It's natural to want to look back—but we have to intentionally look forward so the pain of the past doesn't steal the promises of tomorrow. Looking ahead gives birth to overcoming feelings of depression and doubt, despite the worst of circumstances. Youth and adults of all ages will appreciate this spirited message centered on our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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